Make life easy with Motorized Window Treatments

Ever settled in for a night of sleep, a movie at home or a crucial presentation at work – only to realize that you forgot to close the blinds, and the room is too bright?

Enter AAA Blinds & Shutters’ state-of-the-art motorized window treatments for home theaters, office buildings, conference rooms, hard-to-reach windows, and everything in between in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Our affordable products are custom-built to suit your needs and installed by expert, factory-trained technicians.

Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

With an industry-leading selection of options, features, and customization, our PowerView motorization offerings are sure to suit any application.

Features of our motorized window treatments include:

  • Smartphone app & remote control: Intuitive and easy to use, you’ll be able to open and close blinds & shutters from anywhere.
  • Sophisticated style options: Increase functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. Custom-building allows us to design window treatments that fit with your existing home!
  • Cordless power: With no unruly wires, your pets & children will stay out of harm’s way.
  • Advanced scheduling controls: Save on utility bills and maintain a consistent temperature by automatically changing the amount of sunlight you let into your space on a preset schedule. Our PowerView motorized systems also offer the ability to dynamically adjust to the sunrise and sunset each day!
  • Hidden battery pack: Out of sight – but easy to access – making installation, operation, and maintenance simple.

With motorized blinds and shutters from AAA, you’ll never know how you lived without them. Enough said? Contact us today to get started!

Project Examples

Motorization Project 1   Motorization Project 2   Motorization Project 3

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